Shuttle Car Assisted Rack System

Semi-automatic compact system that uses an electric shuttle to arrange and retrieve the pallets inside shelves quickly and accurately.

Ideal If...

  • You need a high density storage
  • You typically dispatch by batch
  • You use either FILO or LIFO system
  • You want a cost effective alternative solution to ASRS and Drive-in System

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Shuttle Rack

Pallet Shuttle

A compact storage system in which a shuttle driven by an electric motor runs on rails inside the storage channels, replacing forklifts, considerably reducing operating times and enabling items to be grouped by channels rather than complete lanes.

The Pallet Shuttle follows orders sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection, depositing the load in the first free placement location in the channel and compacting the pallets as much as possible. By removing the need to drive forklifts into the lanes, storage capacity is increased in terms of depth, the risk of accidents and damage to the racks is negligible, operator movements are optimised and warehouse operation is modernized and made more flexible.

In semi-automated installations, operators only need to drive the forklifts that carry the pallets and initiate the motorised shuttle's activity. The movement of the shuttles inside the racks is automated.


Highlighted Benefits 

Highly Scalable

Storage and retrieval rates can be increased by adding additional shuttle car units.

Super-compact storage

100% of available space is optimized. This system makes the most of limited space and forklift truck fleets.

FIFO/FILO Compatible

Compatible with both FIFO and FILO rotation

Saves time and costs

Forklift no longer needs to enter the rack, reduces cost of labor and material handling, increases productivity, and prevent product damage. Additionally, the cost of shuttle rack is also significantly lower than ASRS system, while achieving a similar result.




NUTECH’s Shuttle Car travels below the pallets then elevates the pallet from the pallet support rails and carries it back and forth within the system as required. Controlled via handheld remote, the NUTECH Shuttle Car unit is mechanically propelled ensuring high reliability and low energy consumption.

The advantage of Shuttle Car Assisted Rack System against Drive-In System is that it eliminates the cost of a forklift driver, a forklift, and the damage of goods from mishandling. It is also a great alternative to Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), as it cost significantly lower. However, shuttle car assisted rack can also be combined with an ASRS system if needed.

Shuttle Car and Shuttle Car Assisted Rack is compatible with both FIFO and FILO system, and can also be used for mixed operational types. Its high degree of flexibility makes it possible to reach dynamically to multiple challenges.


Step 1: Use a forklift to place the shuttle car on the level where work needs to be done 


Step 2: Use forklift to place pallet one by one onto the entrance to the level.




Step 3: Shuttle car will transport the palletized goods into the nearest space available. 


Step 4: Once the pallet is stored, Shuttle car returns to the entrance (home position) to repeat the process or execute a new command. 




NUTECH Pallet Shuttle Car can carry load up to 1,500kg. 


NUTECH Shuttle Car Assisted Racking System at Wawasan. 





Save Space

  • Increased number of pallets in depth: storage channels can exceed 40 m in height; the limit is imposed by the handling means used.
  • The system works with minimal clearances between levels, which allows for high-density storage.
  • Through the use of sensors the shuttles can position loads intelligently, eliminating empty spaces in the storage lanes. As such, the effective capacity of the warehouse (which takes into account flows of goods in and out of the warehouse) reflects its physical capacity.

Save Time

  • Loading and unloading times are reduced, since the operator does not need to work inside the lanes.
  • Movement speed of the shuttle of 90 m/min when empty, or 45 m/min when loaded.
  • Load lifting cycle of just 2 seconds.
  • On being given a single command, the shuttle can fill or empty a whole lane.

Increased productivity

  • An increased flow of goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Unlike conventional drive-in systems, references can be grouped by channel, rather than requiring a full lane, which allows for greater diversification.
  • Optimization of operator movements. Product-to-person system: this is the load that moves to the operator.
  • While the Pallet Shuttle carries out a command, the operator can collect another pallet, thus achieving continuous movement.
  • Depending on temperature and load conditions, the shuttle has an operational range of up to 10 hours, working at full capacity.
  • The lithium batteries are easily accessible and have fast connections, they can be changed quickly without interrupting the operation cycle.
  • Elimination of errors.
  • The system is easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • A single tablet can control up to 18 shuttles.
  • Inventory function: The shuttle can take stock of the number of pallets stored in a channel.

Save Money

  • The result of the benefits mentioned previously, together with the consumption of energy, is a reduction in costs, making Pallet Shuttle one of the most cost-effective compact storage systems.

Increased Productivity

  • The shuttle has built-in sensors that enable different types of pallets to be detected and handled.
  • The Pallet Shuttle models 1012 and 1212 are able to work with pallets of different widths and sizes. The 1012 model can be used to handle Euro-pallets of 800 or 1,000 mm in width. The 1212 model can be used to handle Euro-pallets of 800, 1,000 or 1,200 mm in width.
  • All shuttle cars can operate in LIFO or FIFO mode. The operator uses the tablet to select the mode he wishes to work with.
  • The shuttle platform is designed to carry pallets with a buckling limit of up to 25 mm.
  • Any type of handling equipment can be used to carry the shuttle.
  • Up to 1,500 kg per pallet can be handled.
  • The system is scalable. Over time, the number of shuttles can be increased easily as the need to increase productivity arises.


  • Thanks to the way that the structure is built, and given that forklifts do not need to drive into the lanes, the risk of accidents is practically non-existent, and the metallic racks are not damaged, meaning maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  • There is a user management feature that prevents unauthorized personnel from using the shuttles.
  • Both the racking and the shuttles have built-in safety features specifically designed to ensure the correct operation of the Pallet Shuttle system:

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