Longspan Shelving

Ideal storage system for manual picking based on the “man to product” principle, designed for medium size and weight goods. Can be designed into multi-tier system.

Ideal If...

  • You have cartons and medium sized item, non-palletized goods
  • Your want to store medium loads
  • You need compact storage with manual handling and immediate access to all stored goods

Do some of these points match your needs?

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Long-span Shelving


For medium-duty warehouse application

The NUTECH Long-span shelving system is an outcome of adapting the needs of the customer in our South East Asia region. Warehousing and order picking are continuously challenged by the large variety of products and the limited floor storage space available. The Long-span shelving is hence designed to optimize storage options within minimum space, for all medium-duty warehouse application.

The long-span shelving system is a storage system for manual picking of products that follow the “man-to-product” principle. It is designed for warehouses where goods are deposited and removed manually from shelves. This system also makes optimal use of warehouse height, as the higher levels can be accessed mechanically by devices that lift the operator to required height (stacker cranes or order picking forklift trucks) or via gangways located between shelves.



  • Suitable for storing medium to heavy loads.
  • An ideal option for different article types and split turnover.
  • Adjustable load levels.
  • Total racking height can be up to 20 m high
  • A wide range of components available and adaptable to your needs.

It is also common practice to set up a mixed warehouse of picking and palletizing, where the top of the shelves is used to keep palletized stock reserve and the bottom is intended for picking.


Longpsan Shelving for Storage of Bins and Loose Product with Plywood Decking


Longspan Shelving for Bins Storage on First Floor of a Multitier System.


N60 Mobile Tire Rack


3 Levels Longspan Multitier System with Wiremesh Panels




Wide Shelf Decking Options: HDF Board, Plywood, Wiremesh, Steel Shelving. 

Customization available to suit individual customer needs. e.g. Tire Rack, Document Storage.


Longspan Supported Platform. This is a type of rack supported platform. Complete with Staircase, Handrails, and Plywood or Steel Perforated Steel Plank as flooring. 


Longspan can be designed into a Multitier System to utilize available vertical height. 



Longspan is suitable for storage of many application whether your goods are stored losely or in boxes.


Multitier Longspan Shelving with Ground Floor Level and First Floor Level, accessible with Staircase.



General Benefits

100% Access

Long-span shelving allows complete access to all stored products. Each pallet can be easily accessed with hand.

High Flexibility

Easily reorganized and expanded regardless of single or multitier. It is the most versatile, flexible medium duty storage racking.

Low Investment Cost

Basic investment cost for a longspan shelving is relatively lower than Selective Pallet Racking.

Multiple Applications

Since NUTECH Longspan Shelving can be equipped with plywood or steel plank, it is applicable to be used by multiple industries including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical, workshops, and more. 


Components and Options


  • 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm thick
  • N60, N90, N115
  • Epoxy coated or Galvanized frame

The Details

Nutech selective pallet racking is made with the same frames as our well established pallet racking system. It is fully screwed in place and particularly well suited to heavy loads. At the top end, the frames are connected to each other with struts in side-to-side and in front-to-back direction. Additionally, the uprights of each frame are linked to each other by horizontal and diagonal struts to ensure that all parts of the frame are solidly connected to provide excellent rigidity.

Hook-in Beam

  • Rapid assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • For heavy-duty applications

The Details

Rapid assembly thanks to a straightforward boltless system: The 3 or 4 hooks of the bracket perfectly slot into the upright perforations. Unintentional lifting is prevented by a safety pin which is secured against dropping out by a 90' turn. The hooked bracket is also designed to hold heavy loads and its height can be adjusted in 75mm intervals.

Pallet Support Bar

  • Heavy duty, welded cuff design
  • Easy installation, drops in place
  • Epoxy powder coated

The Details

The pallet support bars provide additional safety and security under your pallet when installed in pallet racking system. Reduce load times because they give forklift driver confidence in loading pal

Frame Protector

  • Protects the frame from damage
  • Epoxy coated 

The Details

The frame protector is placed at the further end of a row to protect the frame from damage or collision with material handling equipment. 

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