Ideal If...

  • You want to store Office Files & Supplier, Medical Supplies, Backroom Inventory, Sporting Goods, Law Books, Media, Parts, Tools
  • You want a mobile, organized, high storage density system
  • You want to a secured storage with lock mechanism

Do some of these points match your needs?

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Each bay of NUTECH Mobile Compactor can be moved to the left or right simply by turning the hand wheel. Unlike hand push compactor, mobile compactor requires minimal strength to be moved. Our gear and chain are tested for performance, enabled NUTECH mobile compactor to move much smoother and quieter. NUTECH Mobile Compactor can be used with other accessories to create more compact storage space.

General Benefits

High Storage Density

Increase storage by 30% with the mobility of this system

Perfect use of space

NUTECH Mechanical Mobile Compactor allow user to fully utilize the small space in store room without compromising comfort and mobility within the aisle. .

Secure Storage

NUTECH compactor can be equipped with door that has locking mechanism to secure your stored item.

Easy to maneuver

Hand wheel enables quick and easy maneuver of the shelf by exherting minimum strength equavalent to 3kg.





Adjustable and wide aisle area within NUTECH Mechanical Mobile Shelving allow for a condusive and comfortable enviroment. 


NUTECH Mechanical Mobile Shelving comes in minimum 3 row-2 bay. 




Each row can be easily moved with 1kg forced by spinning the wheel handle. Position of each row can be secured with built in lock mechanism. 


Customer has the option of installing door onto NUTECH Mechanical Mobile Compactor to prevent theft of important document. 




Steel Shelving within NUTECH Mechanical Mobile Compactor is epoxy coated with the option. Each level is adjustable as your business grow as NUTECH compactor designs is modular. 


Hanging sleeve is suitable for storing important loose document, customer file, accounting files, etc. 




Pull Out Table eases and increase the speed of storage and retrieval of documents, goods, tools, etc. 


Hanging Sleeves can also be installed under Pull Out Table to maxiumize storage capacity. 




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