Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Pallet Racking provides excellent stock control. Adaptable to any space, weight or size. Can combine with manual picking shelves. Versatile and easy to maintain, with a wide range of accessories to store virtually any load.

Ideal If...

  • You have a lot of different products that go to a lot of different places.
  • You need immediate and direct access to all pallets.
  • You want the option to adjust and expand your racking system.

Do some of these points match your needs?

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The most universal system for direct and single access to each pallet, despite the increasing use of modern technology in the storage and picking fields. It is an optimum solution for those warehouses with palletized goods and a wide variety of SKUs. 

The working aisle measurement between each rack and the rack height depends upon the characteristics of the forklift or material handling equipment, pallet size and the height of the warehouse itself. In addition to that, the racking configuration can be easily extended and modified for future expansion or relocation. A high flexibility and relatively low investment costs have made this racking system a good solution for storage and picking.

The NUTECH selective pallet racking can be designed to meet any pallet size or weight and can be used in conjunction with all types of lift trucks. A wide range of accessories is available to accommodate your storage needs.

Illustration of Selective Pallet Racking System which requires sufficient aisle space between each row as safe working aisle space for forklifts and reach-truck.
Image of full pallet storage with Nutech Selective Pallet Racking System.


The aisle space between each row is designed for the forklift to pass through, usually between 3300mm~4000mm. 


NUTECH Selective Pallet Racking improves storage capacity in a warehouse.



Image of a neat and organized warehouse with the use of Selective Pallet Racking.
Selective Pallet Rack maximizes storage capacity and eliminates damaged goods due to stacking.


Storing goods on racking prevents damage that comes from stacking palletized goods on each other. 


Selective Pallet Racking is suitable on all types of flooring. 




General Benefits

Total Stock Control

100% access to each pallet. Each storage space is taken up by a single pallet. 

High Compatibility

Maximum adaptability to any load type, material handling equipment, and floor surface.  

Flexible Application

Easily extended and modified. Can be combined with long-span beams for manual hand selection of goods. 

Low Investment

Basic investment for Selective Pallet Rack is relatively low. 

  1. Frame
  2. Beam
  3. Base Plate
  4. Levelling Plate
  5. Row Spacer
  6. Pallet Support Bar
  7. Drum Support
  8. Pallet Foot Support
  9. Pick Up & Deposit Station
  10. Safety Mesh
  11. Upright Protector
  12. Frame Protector
  13. Wooden or Metal Shelving
  14. Shelf Support
  15. Fork Spacer
  16. Sectional Shelf
  17. Splice Plate

Components and Options


  • 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm thick
  • N60, N90, N115
  • Epoxy coated or Galvanized frame

The Details

Nutech selective pallet racking is made with the same frames as our well established pallet racking system. It is fully screwed in place and particularly well suited to heavy loads. At the top end, the frames are connected to each other with struts in side-to-side and in front-to-back direction. Additionally, the uprights of each frame are linked to each other by horizontal and diagonal struts to ensure that all parts of the frame are solidly connected to provide excellent rigidity.

Hook-in Beam

  • Rapid assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • For heavy-duty applications

The Details

Rapid assembly thanks to a straightforward boltless system: The 3 or 4 hooks of the bracket perfectly slot into the upright perforations. Unintentional lifting is prevented by a safety pin which is secured against dropping out by a 90' turn. The hooked bracket is also designed to hold heavy loads and its height can be adjusted in 75mm intervals.

Pallet Support Bar

  • Heavy duty, welded cuff design
  • Easy installation, drops in place
  • Epoxy powder coated

The Details

The pallet support bars provide additional safety and security under your pallet when installed in pallet racking system. Reduce load times because they give forklift driver confidence in loading pal

Frame Protector

  • Protects the frame from damage
  • Epoxy coated 

The Details

The frame protector is placed at the further end of a row to protect the frame from damage or collision with material handling equipment. 

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